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as·phyx·i·a de MARIA TAKEUCHI

Maria Takeuchi as ÉMU is a multi-instrumental music producer, based in Brooklyn, NY and originally from a small town in Japan.

Maria’s synesthetic composition, which appeals to other senses beyond hearing, expresses philosophy and emotion inspired by nature, nostalgia, and friction in the life in abstract, as if to paint on canvas by colored sound. Her sound is easily “visualized” by listeners.

Through her experience in a wide-range of genres originally as a bassist, she creates an interesting balance in a rhythm part. Laid-back bass line and fractured rhythm of raw samples loosen the beats, then refined digital notes tighten it up. Purposely integrated old tape recorder noise and dreamy resonated melody let songs be nostalgic and mellow. Intense unpredictable changes in almost every track take listeners to completely different atmosphere. Her music intertwines 80s electronic and modern digital sounds using analog and digital instruments.

The new eight-track album “NEUTRALISM”, focuses on the depth of audio with her devotion of music experience for decades, and creates an experimental imaginable journey. ”NEUTRALISM” defines neutral judgement existing in natural principles, beyond right or wrong through the view of outstanding observer, and confused emotion of innocence caused by negative circumstances in the world.

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